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Today we are facing an international crisis with the Coronavirus outbreak.  This challenge represents an obstacle or test in your way to achieving your goals.  Use this adverse circumstance as an opportunity.   Flip the Script!   Michael Rice talks about the right mindset to have during challenging times.  



About the Book

Why you should read "be magnificent - exceed your expectations


I once found myself constantly falling in my sunken place.  I felt the impact of thousands of negative messages bombarding me daily through television, social media and even friends and co-workers.  These messages told me  I was not good enough, I was not fit enough, I lived in the wrong area and was born to the wrong parents.  I felt depressed, frustrated, angry and overwhelmed.  Due to my attitude and mindset,  I was continuously missing opportunities to meet the people I wanted in my life and doing the things I wanted to do. 

 It's wasn't until I found myself  in the hospital fighting for my life, did I realize my purpose and mission in life. Having a couple of brushes with death, made me realize that I am here for a purpose.  The fact you are still here says your mission has not been completed.   The truth is as Nietzsche says, "That which doesn't kill me only makes me stronger."     Armed with this knowledge, I began affirming my belief in myself as a valuable and powerful human being.  I studied and programmed myself with knowledge from books, tapes, videos and  expert people I respected.  I took the best practice from all these sources and integrated these strategies into my life.  Pretty soon major obstacles moved out my way.      Barriers that use to stop my progress began opening up like the automatic doors at Target.  I took all these experiences and put them into a book that became a part of my toolbox.  This book now is available to you on Amazon.  Check out "Be Magnificent! Exceed Your Expectations

With this book, you will learn:

· How to create and establish your “Vision.”

· How to become “unstoppable” by combining your purpose, potential and passion.

· Three steps to creating a “new self

· Master your power over challenges, obstacles, situations and circumstances. 

· Affirmations that bring your inner “Magnificence” out.

· The difference between being a “pretender” and being a “contender

· How to make  your “pain/struggle” to propel you to success.

· How to create your own “magic phase” that give you instant confidence.

· Learn questions that open doors to “rapport

· Eight tips to making an amazing first impression.

· Learn these three types of relationships or continue to fail the relationship game.

· Eight tips on how to make your first impression count.

· Ten tips for smooth interpersonal communication

· Learn strategies and tactics to control influence difficult people.

· Seven key tactics for influencing negative people’s behavior.

· Seven steps to Elevating your Game.

· Six strategies for changing your social circle/status

· How to overcome self-imposed and self-limiting beliefs 

· Seven keys to more powerful and influential leadership.

· 12 systems for controlling your time and your life.

· 12 strategies that every professional should know and use.

· You can be successful tomorrow by remembering these five things.

· Putting your life on purpose by discovering your purpose.

· Boost your personal power by using your natural attributes

· Ten keys to becoming a lovable leader

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Be Magnificent – Exceed Your Expectations is a handbook, guide and map to fulfilling your true potential. The chapters within hold key strategies and techniques for overcoming obstacles, taking on challenges, and executing your life plan. This book is about sowing positive action and reaping the harvest of your efforts. It’s for individuals seeking to tap the unlimited power they have within. It's for the student, housewife, community leaders, city worker, entrepreneur and corporate professional. It’s about inner magnificence and how it is manifested on the world stage and in the inner city. It’s about  individuals who have been labeled as ordinary who somehow found their "inner magnificence"  and are  allowing it to radiate upon society. 

How to Network Like A Professional

Check out this great new video by Michael Rice  from the Be Magnificent Video Series - How to Network like a Professional.  Step by step approach to networking.   Fundamentals of building productive and mutually beneficial relationships.  

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 Please join our network- Manage your Mind, Heal your Body and Increase your Finance. M y team Darlaina Rose, Wellness Expert and Dr. Leslie Grace, Finance Guru.   Workshops and Personal Coaching available.  www.thconnectornetwork.com

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The Mind, Body and Finance Tour

Your mind, body and financial health are the three pillars of a successful individual.  We all desire to have a magnificent mind, a healthy dis-ease free body and a growing bank account- Learn from  three powerful speakers with three amazing messages together. Michael Rice, Leadership Coach, Community/Social Justice Advocate, PR Specialist, author "Be Magnificent!  Exceed Your Expectations,"   Darlaina Rose, Well being Expert, Speaker, author of "How I Got Here-My Holistic Healing Journey", and Dr Leslie Grace, Talk Show Host, Financial Guru and author of "F-Words, Family, Finance Freedom"  .  The MBF TOUR is a powerful life changing  experience featuring three awarding winning, best selling authors coming to a city near you.  Tickets/ Booking - 267-303-0653 


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Leadership & Personal Development

if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything

Community Capacity Building Workshops

Ground Rules

The fundamentals of community engagement What community engagement is really is.  Asset identification.  Styles of Community leadership.  Strategies for introducing and . implementing initiatives.  Developing your personal and organizational message.  


Advanced community engagement

This workshop is for the seasoned community engagement person seeking advanced strategies for implementing change within their communities.  Topics include understanding social triggers,  ladders of engagement, community marketing and branding and  motivating volunteers.


Running community meetings

The do's and don'ts of community meeting facilitation.  How to structure and develop your agenda.  Meeting control - Dealing with meeting disruptors.  Creating an action plan.  


by any means necessary - community advocacy

This is an empowering workshop for advocates of all disciplines.  Principles and practices of advocating and defending the disfranchised, discriminated against and overlooked.  Learn the secrets, tactics and strategies  of organizations seeking change in their communities.   


strategic planning

Want to change things in your community?  You must have a long range plan with short  and long term goals and objectives.  How to bring your staff together, get them on the same page and create a strategic plan that they will commit to.  Topics include the logic model, SWOTs and measurement devices.

Bonus Courses

financial management

Running an effective meeting


Guest speakers share secrets on Wealth protection, Wealth Accumulation and Wealth Distribution 


Running an effective meeting


Think and Become.  Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

Running an effective meeting

Running an effective meeting

Running an effective meeting

Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.

holistic health

ENVISION - Treasure mapping

Running an effective meeting

Heal yourself.   Learn how to use natural solutions to address your stress and dis-ease.  

ENVISION - Treasure mapping

ENVISION - Treasure mapping

ENVISION - Treasure mapping

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

getting the word out

ENVISION - Treasure mapping

ENVISION - Treasure mapping

Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.

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