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 During my journey, I realized that everyone has some pain that they are dealing with. This pain or struggle may be physical or psychological. It also may be moral. This pain motivates us to take action or forces us to fall back. It can be the source of great feats of courage or major fear of failure. Our fear places limitations on our actions if we let it.   We can beat the fear and endure the pain while creating something Magnificent.  This is the key focus of my book, Be Magnificent – Exceed Your Expectations. Use the inner struggle for outward achievement. Overcome the obstacles and create positive and powerful outcomes. Utilize this book, to find your inner key and unlock your life. Cast aside your mental bondage, get outside your comfort zone and break the chains of weakness, dis-ease and mental abuse. Be Magnificent is now available on Amazon. 


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  Michael Rice is a motivational speaker, writer, trainer and facilitator. Mr. Rice has over 2,000 subscription members as part of his Professional Networking Associates, an organization dedicated to providing aspiring and professional individuals with training, insights and resources. His weekly resource digest "The Connector" is available on line at www.theconnectornetwork.com. He also provides monthly workshops in professional development, community engagement, meeting facilitation, project management, job readiness and leadership development at Temple University. Mr. Rice is available for speaking engagements both large and intimate including: Schools, Faith-based institutions, conferences and workshops. Call 267-303-0653 for more information.  

Speaking Engagements

Philadelphia, Skyline Room, Central Branch, Free Library of Philadelphia,   Keynote for Info Advocacy -